Thursday, December 31, 2009

LFR and this post gets a bit profane

ok as you may know i have alts and if you have been running random groups DPS takes about 15 min on our battle group. so i use the LFR on my shammy elemental/resto mostly justly as a healer. heres where the post gets a bit ugly. for all the people i give mugs to fill them up with get fucked.
now if you are a tank and you yell at the heal for you dieing because you ran out of los heres you mug.
if you stand in the fire, ice, poison or other AOE attack heres your mug.

as a healer i cant heal though stupid so get out of the god dam fucking AOE now.
i am tired of hereing the tank bitch because he cant move out of the dam fire then i will let you die because you are to fucking dumb to move.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

pvp in westfall

so i was on my baby warlock and i run across a skull lvl cow warrior so i am lvl 14 and he must be lvl 24. he was chaseing a lvl 18 gnome i doted the cow up and feared him round for a bit in the end he ran away from me.

Monday, December 14, 2009

the baby warlock tales

i have been hearing rumors about a place called shadow fangkeep so i found people who had heard the same stories and wanted to find the truth we finally find the place and to our horror that the rumors are true it took hours but we cleared out all the souls that where lost in the keep.

Monday, November 9, 2009

tales from a preist

soon after my arriving in south shore i receive a job it would seem that the syndicate has gotten there hands out here as well so i go out to teach them a lesson in the art of shadow.
so i called forth my great feline mount and headed to the noted area.
the job in its own right wasnt all that hard the annoying thing was i found plans and roasters i needed to take them to the town gaurd.
the general was very pleased with my work but the captian in stormwind must be notify guess who got the job.

Friday, November 6, 2009

stories of a shamen

so i receive notice of 2 jobs to go in to the oculus with some new found friends we had 2 members of the silver hand nice open minded paladins a student of the arcane mage and a death knight of all my new found friends this one bugs me not the person she is very kind but the entire death thing and those ghouls she can call i cant feel a soul in them they are abominations.
we ride in to be met by a horde of dragonkin of the blue flight calling on my great powers of nature along side our mage, paladins and death knight we made short work of them.
only to find one of the generals of this evil place Drakos the interrogator.
as we stood before the massive drakos i could not help but giggle as out death knight pulled the battle was epic and we won but not with out loss we had used much energy to fight him nothing a little food and water would not fix.we get our drakes and move forward after awhile we come to the second general Varos cloudstrider not wanting to wait our death knight charges in i call to the great spirit of fire to aid me in this after a bit we manage to kill him. we stand of his corpse and give decide who gets the axe he carried. we fly up to find mage-lord urom. after attacking he ran away 3 times before he stood and fought us. the fight was long and epic however we let out a sigh of relief when he died. now we know where to go to the boss of this magic filled place time to fight ley-guardian eregos. we call our drakes who inform us they will fight on our behalf so we go at it the fight took what seemed like forever but we finally killed him after all the effort we killed the leader of the oculus with a hardy cheer we decide to take a mage portal to dalaran and go our separate ways.
i was glad to be out of that place that arcane magic place i can hear the voices of the elements once again.

Monday, October 19, 2009

affliction and haste is it a good thing or a nerf

in the next patch there will be a glyph that causes your haste to affect the rate at which your dots tick. is this a DPS increase or is this a way to make our rotation more complicated then it already is lets take a look at things.
one as it stands each dot ticks once every few seconds with this will we just have to keep reapplying our dots more often.
two if we have to reapply then this would be buff is in fact a nerf because we are useing up more of our mana.
how ever if this affects your curse of doom and causes is to go off faster then hell i am all for this if they mabye reduce the mana cost a bit on the affliction spells.

tip from the blueberry

in pvp use my sacrifice abillity for the extra protection from both from dmg and from spell push back so that you can cast some of your bigger spells without fear of wasteing time not sure if it will protect you from stuns though.

hallow end

its here at last the most evil time of the year hallows end where the kids are ripe for a good scareing and a new loot boss is open up to us.
if only there was a loot boss for all the holidays

Friday, October 16, 2009

tales of the want to be lock

kk i have a lvl 30 shadow priest and i will be posting more about this toon intil she hits 80 which gives you a good amount of time until i start my baby warlock project because well 10 toons thats the limit and i will be purgeing her when the expansion comes out.
i am currently working on getting the headmasters charge with a plus 22 int buff on it and the 2 of the spell power trinkets.

race of an allaince warlock

was giveing it some thought and i have 2 or if i wait 3 choices for my lock human, gnome, or later a worgan.
what one should i take i have a few thoughts but i want your input.

new alt

so this blog is about warlocks and i am thinking of makeing a new one for S$#$s and giggles with the heirloom chest shoulders weapon and trinket well the trinkets are optional.
the question is what spec should i lvl as i would like comments about this.
so i will leave it open to the readers if anyone is reading this blog tell me and i will make post every 2 lvls after lvl 10.

Monday, September 21, 2009

like it says Destro for life

i have finally said screw raid progression i am destro again WOOT!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

enchants for heirlooms

hello again and this time i would like to tell all that there are some enchants that will work on BOA items just about any old world enchant from vanilla as long as it doesn't have a iLVL requirement its fine one i am getting is for the staff from the thorium brotherhood int to weapon so plus 22 intellect to a weapon for a caster rocks and for the chest i suggest getting the plus 100 or is it 200 mana its great. or plus 4 to stats works i think. any how just a heads up to those who might not know.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

new soul shards system

i am ecstatic over the fact that i finally get my bag slot back but at the same time i feel a bit depressed because i remember when i first rolled my lock i learned of the soul shards and the first thing i thought was i can turn the souls of those i have killed in to power to decimate more opposition this f**king rocks but now where are these souls shards coming from its not like i took them from my victims they are just there i would have truthfully like to see them do something like make them stack able up to maybe 20 per stack and have no carry around limit.
but this new way works to i just feel like warlocks are loosing a small amount of the evil feel.
oh well this is just the rantings of an old Bitter warlock who got his epic land mount the hard way no the right way but more on that later.

heirloom items and locks

fist off if you have the badges and are starting off i think you should get the tattered dreadmist mantle or robes first they cost 40 emblems each then i would suggest getting the dignified headmasters charge costing 65 emblems and last 2 discerning eye of the beast costing 50 emblems each if you get them all at once it will cost you 245 emblems total.
now you can get the swift hand of justice times 2 ore one of each but i find the spell power is more helpful then the haste is.
a great site to get an idea on how these items scale via lvl is.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

chaos bolt ?!?!?!?!

ok does anyone remember why chaos bolt was so awesome it was because it was supposes to ignore DMG reduction. it never F***ing worked it has never bypassed a pally buable. the originally reason that my lock was destro before they nerfed the spec was chaos bolt was special DMG that cant be stopped then it was changed in to fire damege that is not supposed to be stooped but they failed so that whole we took it out its a bit OP is a LOAD OF S^&T they never got it working after they made it pure fire dmg.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

life tap and why to use it

life tap basicly takes X amount of your health and converts it in to mana this is really helpful in long fights but it can be made better though improved life tap you get an extra 20% mana back on your life spent.
but dont over do it the healers will yell at you trust me on this healers are loud dont anger them.

a tip from gwellion the succubus

in PVP my seduction ability is great i can immobilize your enemies which makes me a great helper against both melee and caster types.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

tales of the heroic deadmines

ok here is a fun little story my buddie at lvl 30 or 36 he had wirlwind warrior and i as a lvl 12 mage 2 maned the deadmines by the end i had gained 6 lvls it took us about 4 hours but it was some of the most fun i have ever had he was arms spec and i had 2 points in fire. no heals no crowd control all DPS 4 hours and we finally killed the big boss.

tales of an alt

i will now be including fun little things i have found while doing stuff on my none lock toons mostly because i have a few fun memories for you.

Monday, June 8, 2009

IMP tip

hey kurpuk here i am the poster demon for destruction i give you life and i provide ranged dmg
k time to go dont call me and i wont call you

human lock

so you have the rep gain bonus and a nice spirit buff that comes in handy with the new fel armor spell its all win baby. also the fact that we now have every man for him self we get the snare escape button it rocks.

the shorty lock the gnome

you got a nice 5% boost to intellect and then you have the escape artist to get out of root effects and in PVP you are short and hard to see for the most part.

orc locks

hey hey hey demon locks this is the race for you with a 5% pet damege and the ability that increases your spell power for 15 sec on a 2 min cooldown and the hardiness ability rocks a 15% reduction to movement impairing effect.

the undead warlock

here is the break down for this race is great for warlocks you have the cannibalize ability to regain health after a fight you had to use life tap in and will of the forsaken is great for any class you roll.

blood elf lock

well blood elf's aren't the best the arcane torrent is awesome but other then that you can do better but the if you plan to enchant the arcane affinity is nice and the magic Resistance buff never hurts.


the next few blog posts i do will be to tell you what race has great bonuses for the warlock class something mundane might actually be useful and i will try to explain why they are good.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

tip from my felhunter maroom number one

when out leveling or in PVP if you find a debuff or an enemy with a buff that hurts you i can use the devour magic ability and heal you or hurt them just remember that the next time you find yourself in a predicament that i may help with.


one great warlock add on is necrosis it ROCKS hardcore gives you macro frees up a few action bars to put some other things on and we warlocks need all the space possible.

Friday, May 22, 2009

your demons mana pool

look demons dont have much for faster mana regen and i dont know what stats go in to it but for demon locks they can get mana feed i think and that gives your demon mana when you drain mana or life tap.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my current spec

so you just rolled a lock.

warlocks are great for new people and as they level they are complex to the naked eye and i want to say they arent but in the end this is a game of numbers and a warlock with a pet is 2 against one mob you are on the winning side so far but thats not enough to just have numbers you need to know how to play.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

more DOTs more DOTs more DOTs

corruption, curse of agony, unstable affliction and huant these are the bread butter and the icecream of the affliction spec warlock.
my rotation is just that corruption. curse of agony, unstable affliction, and huant then spam shadow bolts intill you need to refresh your dots.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Duel specs

not that important its a nice thing to have i for one have it mostly so i have my raid and old world instances and outland instance.
but since we are a pure DPS class we don't need to have the extra spec unless your raid leader are forcing you to get it.
that's all for the moment talk to ya all later.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


woot woot woot woot woot now that dots can crit this means my warlocks DOT abillitys can crit i love this oh ya more dmg.
dark pact will also become a great bonus mana wise if you need to spam shadow bolts.
more on this later

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Soul Shatter is a abillity that allows you to drop some aggro incured by your attacks and the DOTS.
not atleast useing soul shatter is an idiot this is a way to wipe the raid.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


even we as warlocks can respect this man because of him the huntards are gone and for that we can be greatful because if i ever i mean if i EVER get out rolled on cloth gear by a hunter again i may kill the huntard.


Monday, April 6, 2009


I know that I am about to piss a bunch of people off here but for all the stupid mistakes i see a high lvl warlock make OOM is the worst in the middle of a fight.
We have life tap and mana drain for a reason learn to use them they are key to our mana lasting a good warlock may have to drink after a chain pull or is low on health after life taping so might as well drink then but to go OOM in the middle of a fight means your DPS is not there meaning you are useless to the party just a toon along for the ride.
mana pots mana pots these can be used by use i wouldn't advise it i use the health pot after life taping but mana pots work and affiliation locks you are the worst ones to do this take the improved life tap and dark pack use your pet as a mana battery.
that's all for this post see ya around

Why the healer should not have to bother with us

OK i have seen my fair share of warlocks in raids die and cry because they didn't get a heal.
you know why we don't need a heal because if we learn to watch our threat and keep it in line we wont be taking DMG and as far as life tap goes level first aid that's a must and i would also recommend cooking and fishing for buff food and not having to buy all the mats.

we don't need heals because we arrant the ones taking dmg and if you are you are doing it wrong unless you are pulling an add off the healer and kiting it around you don't need to get a heal.

now if an add is after your healer use your Voidwalker or if speced for it your fel gaurd to tank the mob in till it can be dealt with by the rest of the group.

whats your DEMON

what is your demon this will depend on play style and spec but most play style if you want a tank that hits like a bus and looks kind of like one to the fel gaurd is your protector.
if you like the big blue wall then take out the voidwalker and let them beat on him.
you love dots and love to frustrate your opponent then fel hunter is the puppy you take home.
and the imp your first demon the one with blood pact a health buff and extra ranged DPS.

spec i am DPS spec

here's a fast breakdown of each spec.
affliction is to kill the enemy though DOTs (damage over time) while fearing them around this if for long time DPS.
demonology is the solo leveling/buff up my pet spec where your demons hit like a bus and you not so much.
destruction this is the spec i will always be at heart big hits bigger crits and loads and loads of threat you wont live long if you don't mange aggro wisely but you hit big and hard.

sorry about the spelling

ok i suck at grammer and i suck at spelling to but this is the internet so who cares just a heads up

Sunday, April 5, 2009

the first rule of warlocks and there place

please people i most say we may be DPS but we have other uses as well and here they are.
at level 8 we get fear this is a oh shit button in a group and great for PVP and solo you kill them with DOTS (damage over time) effects.
at level 10 we get a pet that can tank but in a instance can off tank to keep the healer safe and we get to make healthstone.
at level 18 we get a nice anti wipe spell soulstone a nice item that allows the receiver to rez.
at 20 we get the succubus to CC (crowd control) humanoids.
at lvl 30 we get banish to rid demons and elementals under control we also get the fel hunter great for fighting caster types oh and don't forget the enslave demon spell.
at 32 we get the curse of elements but is situational uses.
and that's all for now i will be back to talk about specs in a later post.

Hello my new readers

hey i am new at this and this is going to be a world of warcraft blog mostly about warlocks but i will make posts about other classes as well