Wednesday, September 9, 2009

new soul shards system

i am ecstatic over the fact that i finally get my bag slot back but at the same time i feel a bit depressed because i remember when i first rolled my lock i learned of the soul shards and the first thing i thought was i can turn the souls of those i have killed in to power to decimate more opposition this f**king rocks but now where are these souls shards coming from its not like i took them from my victims they are just there i would have truthfully like to see them do something like make them stack able up to maybe 20 per stack and have no carry around limit.
but this new way works to i just feel like warlocks are loosing a small amount of the evil feel.
oh well this is just the rantings of an old Bitter warlock who got his epic land mount the hard way no the right way but more on that later.

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