Wednesday, July 29, 2009

chaos bolt ?!?!?!?!

ok does anyone remember why chaos bolt was so awesome it was because it was supposes to ignore DMG reduction. it never F***ing worked it has never bypassed a pally buable. the originally reason that my lock was destro before they nerfed the spec was chaos bolt was special DMG that cant be stopped then it was changed in to fire damege that is not supposed to be stooped but they failed so that whole we took it out its a bit OP is a LOAD OF S^&T they never got it working after they made it pure fire dmg.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

life tap and why to use it

life tap basicly takes X amount of your health and converts it in to mana this is really helpful in long fights but it can be made better though improved life tap you get an extra 20% mana back on your life spent.
but dont over do it the healers will yell at you trust me on this healers are loud dont anger them.

a tip from gwellion the succubus

in PVP my seduction ability is great i can immobilize your enemies which makes me a great helper against both melee and caster types.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

tales of the heroic deadmines

ok here is a fun little story my buddie at lvl 30 or 36 he had wirlwind warrior and i as a lvl 12 mage 2 maned the deadmines by the end i had gained 6 lvls it took us about 4 hours but it was some of the most fun i have ever had he was arms spec and i had 2 points in fire. no heals no crowd control all DPS 4 hours and we finally killed the big boss.

tales of an alt

i will now be including fun little things i have found while doing stuff on my none lock toons mostly because i have a few fun memories for you.