Monday, November 9, 2009

tales from a preist

soon after my arriving in south shore i receive a job it would seem that the syndicate has gotten there hands out here as well so i go out to teach them a lesson in the art of shadow.
so i called forth my great feline mount and headed to the noted area.
the job in its own right wasnt all that hard the annoying thing was i found plans and roasters i needed to take them to the town gaurd.
the general was very pleased with my work but the captian in stormwind must be notify guess who got the job.

Friday, November 6, 2009

stories of a shamen

so i receive notice of 2 jobs to go in to the oculus with some new found friends we had 2 members of the silver hand nice open minded paladins a student of the arcane mage and a death knight of all my new found friends this one bugs me not the person she is very kind but the entire death thing and those ghouls she can call i cant feel a soul in them they are abominations.
we ride in to be met by a horde of dragonkin of the blue flight calling on my great powers of nature along side our mage, paladins and death knight we made short work of them.
only to find one of the generals of this evil place Drakos the interrogator.
as we stood before the massive drakos i could not help but giggle as out death knight pulled the battle was epic and we won but not with out loss we had used much energy to fight him nothing a little food and water would not fix.we get our drakes and move forward after awhile we come to the second general Varos cloudstrider not wanting to wait our death knight charges in i call to the great spirit of fire to aid me in this after a bit we manage to kill him. we stand of his corpse and give decide who gets the axe he carried. we fly up to find mage-lord urom. after attacking he ran away 3 times before he stood and fought us. the fight was long and epic however we let out a sigh of relief when he died. now we know where to go to the boss of this magic filled place time to fight ley-guardian eregos. we call our drakes who inform us they will fight on our behalf so we go at it the fight took what seemed like forever but we finally killed him after all the effort we killed the leader of the oculus with a hardy cheer we decide to take a mage portal to dalaran and go our separate ways.
i was glad to be out of that place that arcane magic place i can hear the voices of the elements once again.