Thursday, January 28, 2010

mage update

woot i have reached level 77

pvp win in AB

so i was in AB last night and it rocked 2 times in a row we 5 caped them.
and if you play horde its not that i don't like the horde but when i get a little competitive.
hell i even have a few horde toons runing round.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my goal for my mage

i hopefully can get my little baby mage to 80 by the end of next week or mid week the week after. and i know if i do get him to 80 i will have to pug and that's fine i have two other 80 and my shammy got the pug pet a while back so it shouldn't be hard to get some groups.
i also feel i should give you some background to the mage.
after i hit 70 i got a bit bored on the warlock so wanted to challenge myself everyone told me lvl ing a mage was hard so in arcane but near impossible in fire so i lvled to 76 now fire but wanted to respec so now i am frost will go back to fire when i hit 80.

mage report

so last weekend i got level 75 and today i hit 76 and respeced to a pve/pvp frost aoe grind spec.

Monday, January 25, 2010

druids battle

so my baby druid has reached level 30 finally i get my charge ability which rocks in pvp. anyway lets get to the story.
i was in my favorite low lvl instance gnomer we had a mage who thought if he didn't get his quests done first it was the end of the world.
so it was kind of hell for our tank seeing as he pulled 2 to 4 packs at once so i took up to off tanking which was fine.
the only reason i went though was to get the quest done the one where i can get the pants with plus 18 agi.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

warrior watch

i have reached lvl 40 i am planing on leveling up to 42 in stv and then i will be running around with a priest i would really like to stay away from tanaris so tell me where i should go.

Monday, January 11, 2010


so i know i have not posted allot about my baby warlock but i think i am going to delete it and redo the project during the next expansion i need to cleanse the leveling palette with a melee class.
but i have a lvl 38 warrior and i want you to tell me what zones to lvl in i will tell you all when i am out of stv. usually i go to tanaris now i am bored of that zone you can send me there doesn't mean i wont rage post about you. jk or am i.
i want you to tell me another area i can go to for a fresh look oh and i will include a link to my dwarf warrior.
i am arms at the moment when i hit 60 i am going fury i bet y'all know why.

thats it for this post i cant wait to hear from you all.

Friday, January 1, 2010

e mail me

ok i have finally set up an email for this
send it to