Monday, June 8, 2009

IMP tip

hey kurpuk here i am the poster demon for destruction i give you life and i provide ranged dmg
k time to go dont call me and i wont call you

human lock

so you have the rep gain bonus and a nice spirit buff that comes in handy with the new fel armor spell its all win baby. also the fact that we now have every man for him self we get the snare escape button it rocks.

the shorty lock the gnome

you got a nice 5% boost to intellect and then you have the escape artist to get out of root effects and in PVP you are short and hard to see for the most part.

orc locks

hey hey hey demon locks this is the race for you with a 5% pet damege and the ability that increases your spell power for 15 sec on a 2 min cooldown and the hardiness ability rocks a 15% reduction to movement impairing effect.

the undead warlock

here is the break down for this race is great for warlocks you have the cannibalize ability to regain health after a fight you had to use life tap in and will of the forsaken is great for any class you roll.

blood elf lock

well blood elf's aren't the best the arcane torrent is awesome but other then that you can do better but the if you plan to enchant the arcane affinity is nice and the magic Resistance buff never hurts.


the next few blog posts i do will be to tell you what race has great bonuses for the warlock class something mundane might actually be useful and i will try to explain why they are good.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

tip from my felhunter maroom number one

when out leveling or in PVP if you find a debuff or an enemy with a buff that hurts you i can use the devour magic ability and heal you or hurt them just remember that the next time you find yourself in a predicament that i may help with.


one great warlock add on is necrosis it ROCKS hardcore gives you macro frees up a few action bars to put some other things on and we warlocks need all the space possible.