Wednesday, April 29, 2009

more DOTs more DOTs more DOTs

corruption, curse of agony, unstable affliction and huant these are the bread butter and the icecream of the affliction spec warlock.
my rotation is just that corruption. curse of agony, unstable affliction, and huant then spam shadow bolts intill you need to refresh your dots.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Duel specs

not that important its a nice thing to have i for one have it mostly so i have my raid and old world instances and outland instance.
but since we are a pure DPS class we don't need to have the extra spec unless your raid leader are forcing you to get it.
that's all for the moment talk to ya all later.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


woot woot woot woot woot now that dots can crit this means my warlocks DOT abillitys can crit i love this oh ya more dmg.
dark pact will also become a great bonus mana wise if you need to spam shadow bolts.
more on this later

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Soul Shatter is a abillity that allows you to drop some aggro incured by your attacks and the DOTS.
not atleast useing soul shatter is an idiot this is a way to wipe the raid.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


even we as warlocks can respect this man because of him the huntards are gone and for that we can be greatful because if i ever i mean if i EVER get out rolled on cloth gear by a hunter again i may kill the huntard.


Monday, April 6, 2009


I know that I am about to piss a bunch of people off here but for all the stupid mistakes i see a high lvl warlock make OOM is the worst in the middle of a fight.
We have life tap and mana drain for a reason learn to use them they are key to our mana lasting a good warlock may have to drink after a chain pull or is low on health after life taping so might as well drink then but to go OOM in the middle of a fight means your DPS is not there meaning you are useless to the party just a toon along for the ride.
mana pots mana pots these can be used by use i wouldn't advise it i use the health pot after life taping but mana pots work and affiliation locks you are the worst ones to do this take the improved life tap and dark pack use your pet as a mana battery.
that's all for this post see ya around

Why the healer should not have to bother with us

OK i have seen my fair share of warlocks in raids die and cry because they didn't get a heal.
you know why we don't need a heal because if we learn to watch our threat and keep it in line we wont be taking DMG and as far as life tap goes level first aid that's a must and i would also recommend cooking and fishing for buff food and not having to buy all the mats.

we don't need heals because we arrant the ones taking dmg and if you are you are doing it wrong unless you are pulling an add off the healer and kiting it around you don't need to get a heal.

now if an add is after your healer use your Voidwalker or if speced for it your fel gaurd to tank the mob in till it can be dealt with by the rest of the group.

whats your DEMON

what is your demon this will depend on play style and spec but most play style if you want a tank that hits like a bus and looks kind of like one to the fel gaurd is your protector.
if you like the big blue wall then take out the voidwalker and let them beat on him.
you love dots and love to frustrate your opponent then fel hunter is the puppy you take home.
and the imp your first demon the one with blood pact a health buff and extra ranged DPS.

spec i am DPS spec

here's a fast breakdown of each spec.
affliction is to kill the enemy though DOTs (damage over time) while fearing them around this if for long time DPS.
demonology is the solo leveling/buff up my pet spec where your demons hit like a bus and you not so much.
destruction this is the spec i will always be at heart big hits bigger crits and loads and loads of threat you wont live long if you don't mange aggro wisely but you hit big and hard.

sorry about the spelling

ok i suck at grammer and i suck at spelling to but this is the internet so who cares just a heads up

Sunday, April 5, 2009

the first rule of warlocks and there place

please people i most say we may be DPS but we have other uses as well and here they are.
at level 8 we get fear this is a oh shit button in a group and great for PVP and solo you kill them with DOTS (damage over time) effects.
at level 10 we get a pet that can tank but in a instance can off tank to keep the healer safe and we get to make healthstone.
at level 18 we get a nice anti wipe spell soulstone a nice item that allows the receiver to rez.
at 20 we get the succubus to CC (crowd control) humanoids.
at lvl 30 we get banish to rid demons and elementals under control we also get the fel hunter great for fighting caster types oh and don't forget the enslave demon spell.
at 32 we get the curse of elements but is situational uses.
and that's all for now i will be back to talk about specs in a later post.

Hello my new readers

hey i am new at this and this is going to be a world of warcraft blog mostly about warlocks but i will make posts about other classes as well