Sunday, April 5, 2009

the first rule of warlocks and there place

please people i most say we may be DPS but we have other uses as well and here they are.
at level 8 we get fear this is a oh shit button in a group and great for PVP and solo you kill them with DOTS (damage over time) effects.
at level 10 we get a pet that can tank but in a instance can off tank to keep the healer safe and we get to make healthstone.
at level 18 we get a nice anti wipe spell soulstone a nice item that allows the receiver to rez.
at 20 we get the succubus to CC (crowd control) humanoids.
at lvl 30 we get banish to rid demons and elementals under control we also get the fel hunter great for fighting caster types oh and don't forget the enslave demon spell.
at 32 we get the curse of elements but is situational uses.
and that's all for now i will be back to talk about specs in a later post.

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