Monday, April 6, 2009

Why the healer should not have to bother with us

OK i have seen my fair share of warlocks in raids die and cry because they didn't get a heal.
you know why we don't need a heal because if we learn to watch our threat and keep it in line we wont be taking DMG and as far as life tap goes level first aid that's a must and i would also recommend cooking and fishing for buff food and not having to buy all the mats.

we don't need heals because we arrant the ones taking dmg and if you are you are doing it wrong unless you are pulling an add off the healer and kiting it around you don't need to get a heal.

now if an add is after your healer use your Voidwalker or if speced for it your fel gaurd to tank the mob in till it can be dealt with by the rest of the group.

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