Monday, April 6, 2009


I know that I am about to piss a bunch of people off here but for all the stupid mistakes i see a high lvl warlock make OOM is the worst in the middle of a fight.
We have life tap and mana drain for a reason learn to use them they are key to our mana lasting a good warlock may have to drink after a chain pull or is low on health after life taping so might as well drink then but to go OOM in the middle of a fight means your DPS is not there meaning you are useless to the party just a toon along for the ride.
mana pots mana pots these can be used by use i wouldn't advise it i use the health pot after life taping but mana pots work and affiliation locks you are the worst ones to do this take the improved life tap and dark pack use your pet as a mana battery.
that's all for this post see ya around

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