Monday, October 19, 2009

affliction and haste is it a good thing or a nerf

in the next patch there will be a glyph that causes your haste to affect the rate at which your dots tick. is this a DPS increase or is this a way to make our rotation more complicated then it already is lets take a look at things.
one as it stands each dot ticks once every few seconds with this will we just have to keep reapplying our dots more often.
two if we have to reapply then this would be buff is in fact a nerf because we are useing up more of our mana.
how ever if this affects your curse of doom and causes is to go off faster then hell i am all for this if they mabye reduce the mana cost a bit on the affliction spells.

tip from the blueberry

in pvp use my sacrifice abillity for the extra protection from both from dmg and from spell push back so that you can cast some of your bigger spells without fear of wasteing time not sure if it will protect you from stuns though.

hallow end

its here at last the most evil time of the year hallows end where the kids are ripe for a good scareing and a new loot boss is open up to us.
if only there was a loot boss for all the holidays

Friday, October 16, 2009

tales of the want to be lock

kk i have a lvl 30 shadow priest and i will be posting more about this toon intil she hits 80 which gives you a good amount of time until i start my baby warlock project because well 10 toons thats the limit and i will be purgeing her when the expansion comes out.
i am currently working on getting the headmasters charge with a plus 22 int buff on it and the 2 of the spell power trinkets.

race of an allaince warlock

was giveing it some thought and i have 2 or if i wait 3 choices for my lock human, gnome, or later a worgan.
what one should i take i have a few thoughts but i want your input.

new alt

so this blog is about warlocks and i am thinking of makeing a new one for S$#$s and giggles with the heirloom chest shoulders weapon and trinket well the trinkets are optional.
the question is what spec should i lvl as i would like comments about this.
so i will leave it open to the readers if anyone is reading this blog tell me and i will make post every 2 lvls after lvl 10.