Monday, January 11, 2010


so i know i have not posted allot about my baby warlock but i think i am going to delete it and redo the project during the next expansion i need to cleanse the leveling palette with a melee class.
but i have a lvl 38 warrior and i want you to tell me what zones to lvl in i will tell you all when i am out of stv. usually i go to tanaris now i am bored of that zone you can send me there doesn't mean i wont rage post about you. jk or am i.
i want you to tell me another area i can go to for a fresh look oh and i will include a link to my dwarf warrior.
i am arms at the moment when i hit 60 i am going fury i bet y'all know why.

thats it for this post i cant wait to hear from you all.

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