Thursday, December 31, 2009

LFR and this post gets a bit profane

ok as you may know i have alts and if you have been running random groups DPS takes about 15 min on our battle group. so i use the LFR on my shammy elemental/resto mostly justly as a healer. heres where the post gets a bit ugly. for all the people i give mugs to fill them up with get fucked.
now if you are a tank and you yell at the heal for you dieing because you ran out of los heres you mug.
if you stand in the fire, ice, poison or other AOE attack heres your mug.

as a healer i cant heal though stupid so get out of the god dam fucking AOE now.
i am tired of hereing the tank bitch because he cant move out of the dam fire then i will let you die because you are to fucking dumb to move.

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